Codes & Safety Update

As we near the end of Spring and begin to head toward Summer, there are a couple of items that have come to our attention that we request your cooperation with.

Grass: We want to remind all residents that your property needs to be maintained and kept clear of noxious weeds and excessively tall grass. Apart from being unsightly, it creates breeding grounds for rats and other vermin. Because the problem has been increasing we will be stepping up enforcement. If a particular lot your are responsible for has become overgrown, please take steps to get it cleaned up.

Pools: There has been an an increase in swimming pool installations this Spring due to so many public pools remaining closed due to COVID. We think this is great! However, like most (if not all) of our neighboring communities, our city ordinances do require swimming pools to be enclosed by a fence for safety reasons. We understand that many of you may not have realized this so we want to allow a reasonable opportunity for residents to make updates. Please contact City Hall at 816-741-6071 if you have questions or concerns about how to bring your pool into compliance.

Thank you, everyone! Let’s have a great summer!