Court Process

Northmoor Municipal Division

4907 NW Waukomis Dr
Northmoor, Missouri 64151
Phone (816)741-3896 Fax (816)587-5129

This may be your first experience in court today. Here is some information to help you understand court proceedings.

Be prepared to enter one of the following pleas:

  • Not Guilty Plea: A plea of NOT GUILTY means that you deny guilt and the City must prove the charge(s) against you. If you plead not guilty, your case will be scheduled for trial.
  • Guilty Plea: A plea of GUILTY means that you admit that you committed the act as charged, that the act is prohibited by law, and that you have no defense for your act.

Fines and Court Costs

Minor Traffic Violations (MTV): up to $225.00 (including court costs)

All other ordinance violations: up to $500.00 in fines PLUS court costs

Court Costs: $22.50

Certain violations are payable through the Violations Bureau without needing to appear in court. See the Fine Cost Schedule to learn if your violation is eligible. If your violation is not listed on the fine schedule, you MUST appear in court on the date and time listed on your citation.

Dress Code / Court Room Rules

Due to COVID-19, ace coverings are required at all times while inside the building, and social distancing enforced.

Prohibited attire: No shorts, no revealing tops, no bathing suits, no pajamas, and no flip-flops.

No food or drinks. No chewing, smoking, or vaping. No talking while court is in session. No weapons. Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices.