Court Fines & Payments

Certain violations are payable through the Violations Bureau without needing to appear in court.

Payments can be made in person, or by mail at: 4907 NW Waukomis Dr, Northmoor, MO 64151. If paying in person we accept cash, money orders, or credit/debit cards.

  • If paying by mail, we accept money orders.
  • You may also drop off money order payments in our drop box located next to the Municipal Court front door.
  • We DO NOT accept personal checks.
  • Active warrants must be handled through the police department.

You can search to see if your citation is a payable fine. You must have your ticket number when paying with a credit/debit card or electronic check. (Click Case Number Search, enter your citation number, and click the Find).

  • If Plead and Pay is available, you can make your payment using an electronic check, or credit/debit card. Follow the prompts to make your payment. *
  • If Plead and Pay is Ineligible, you MUST appear in court on the date and time listed on your citation.

You can also call the clerk to check if your citation is payable without coming to court: 816-741-3896.

Plead and Pay Your Traffic Ticket Without Having to Go to Court
Use Plead and Pay to plead guilty and pay certain traffic tickets online without having to appear in court. If you prefer not to pay through Plead and Pay, please refer to the options on your ticket. If you desire to plead not guilty to the charge(s), you must appear in the court designated on your ticket.

Pay After Going to Court and Been Found or Plead Guilty
Use Pay By Web to pay balances owed on disposed cases. Disposed means you have been found or plead guilty on a criminal or traffic case OR there is a final judgment on a civil case. Payments typically will be posted within one business day.


Uniform Fine Schedule:
Municipal Fine Schedule (Effective 01-01-2023)


*If you use a credit/debit card for Plead and Pay or Pay By Web, a convenience fee will be assessed based on the amount of the transaction. There is a .50 cent flat rate when payment is made by electronic check.