Street Resurfacing Information

Street resurfacing is coming to Northmoor!

UPDATES, SEPTEMBER 30: (Please note the change to the second item.)

  • For those who need to leave their vehicles parked at City Hall tonight & tomorrow, please do not park near the large dumpster. It is being removed tomorrow so the truck will need access. If there aren’t another other parking options available at City Hall, you may park on the old baseball field. (The grassy area west of Waukomis and south of 49th St.)
  • The road crew is TRYING to finish 49th Street today but this may need to continue into tomorrow. Road work will continue today until 49th St is finished.
  • Tomorrow (Thursday) attention turns to the far north end of town, 51st St and 51st Ter. Residents on those streets should move any vehicles they need to use tomorrow to the parking lot of A Turning Point this evening.
  • Reminder: Before you put your mailbox back up, get water/sewer lines marked by Missouri One Call. Call 811 or file a request online. There is no charge for this service.

NO RESIDENTIAL TRASH SERVICE SEPT 29 A dumpster will be available next to City Hall. Call us at 816-741-6071 if you need help getting your trash to the dumpster.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 28 For the streets between Waukomis and Frontier, major paving work will be taking place this week that will close residential streets for at least 24 hours. Please refer to the schedule below to see when your street will be closed, weather permitting. If you need to use your vehicle while your street is closed, you may park your vehicle ahead of time at City Hall, Todd Berger Insurance, or A Turning Point.

  • 50th Ter: Closed on Tuesday, Sep 29
  • 50th St: Closed on Tuesday, Sep 29
  • 49th Ter: Closed on Wednesday, Sep 30
  • 49th St: Closed on Wednesday, Sep 30
  • Northmoor St (between 50th St & 50th Ter): Closed on Tuesday, Sep 29
  • Northmoor St (between 49th St & 49th Ter): Closed on Wednesday, Sep 30
  • Northmoor St (between 49th Ter & 50th St): We are trying to get this one nailed down. Until we hear back from the contractor probably best to assume it could happen either day.
  • Northmoor St (south of 49th St): This will be done last after all other streets re-open.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 25: Paving work begins today on the dead-end streets on the WEST side of Waukomis. 49th St, 49th Ter, and 50th St.


  1. NO RESIDENTIAL TRASH PICK-UP ON SEPT 29: Due to the road reconstruction, Republic Services will not be able to drive their trucks on our streets next week. A large dumpster will be available on the south side of City Hall on Tuesday where you can bring your trash. This dumpster is for standard household trash ONLY. Absolutely NO furniture, junk, bulky items, or yard waste.
    • If you need help getting your trash to the dumpster next Tuesday, call City Hall at 816-741-6071 and we will lend a hand.
  2. If your mailbox is removed for construction: You can put your mailboxes back up as soon as your street is complete. However you MUST contact Missouri One Call first before you dig, as there are water and sewer lines along many of the shoulders. Call 811 or file a request online. There is no charge for this service.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 22, 7:45AM: As part of the road improvement project, a tree crew will be trimming limbs hanging low over the streets that may interfere with asphalt trucks delivering their loads. This is a necessary step in the project.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 16, 1:45PM: Shoulder work has begun on the following streets:

  • 49th Ter east of Northmoor St.
  • Northmoor St. north of 49th Ter
  • 50th St
  • 50th Ter

No road closures are necessary in this phase, however equipment may block a road or driveway for a few minutes at a time. If your driveway is blocked and you need out, simply ask one of the workers for assistance and they will help you.

REMINDER: As was noted on the insert with the most recent water bill, residents are responsible for re-installing mailboxes that need to be removed during street reconstruction.

SEPTEMBER 16, 11:15AM: The contractor surprised us with an early start this morning. We are working to get more information on the timetable for specific road closures. Meanwhile it appears today’s work is (so far) prep work. Various intersections may be blocked temporarily for a few minutes at a time.

Earlier information:

  • To minimize disruption, the plan is for one street to be resurfaced at a time.
  • Residents on each street will be notified before work begins on their street.
  • Parking will be made available for vehicles that need to be used while each street is inaccessible.
  • If you have circumstances that require special accommodation during the work, contact City Hall at 816-741-6071 and we will do what we can to help!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Updated information will be posted here as it becomes available.